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This is the official website of the singer - Timmy White

Timmy White is a Czech singer, composer, music producer, lyricist and presenter.

Timmy White - He started releasing covers on YouTube at the age of 16 (2014), which won the favor of tens of thousands of listeners. Subsequently, he released several Czech singles between 2015-2017, which were awarded, for example, on the TV station Očko, where in 2017 Timmy became the most successful performer in the history of the Očko Chart.

In 2018, Timmy decided to work in English and releases his first megahit Better With You , which has already received over 10,000,000 streams worldwide. And deployment to the biggest radio stations. 

Over the next 2 years, he released several more radio hits such as "Only To You" and "Never Stop Trying". 

In 2020, he decided to take a break from publishing in order to come up with a new style in 2021 - pop/punk. Which he introduced with his single HEARTBREAKER . Which immediately occupied Czech and foreign radio stations and became Timmy's most streamed song during the first months. 


 European Music Awards 2 - 2018 - DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR

 European Music Awards 2 - 2021 - SINGER OF THE YEAR and SONG OF THE YEAR

 European Music Awards 2 - 2022 - SINGER OF THE YEAR

In 2022, he releases his debut album "WELCOME TO MY LIFE" where he presents the latest pop/punk work and adds his old hits as a bonus.

INSTAGRAM: 63,000 followers

TIKTOK: 450,000 followers

YouTube: 70.000 followers 

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